"I have found Samantha at Naked Nutrition to be extremely knowledgeable and a one of a kind Nutritionist. She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in each client. I consult Samantha in all aspects of nutrition whether it is for me or more importantly my children. Thanks to Samantha, we have made adjustments to our ingredients and are eating much healthier." -Stephanie K.

"Samantha as been a great asset in assisting my mother who is 81. She comes in and does meal prep for the week, cooks meals-some of which are frozen for later use, occasionally goes grocery shopping and does chores around the house. As an added bonus, this provides my mother with some very nice company."- Louise D.

"Dinner...ugh ain't nobody got time for that! While in reality I love to cook, at this stage in my life- two young kids and working and extra curricular activities and then all the rest, how is i possible to do it all? I am so happy with the service provided by Samantha at Naked Nutrition. Yes the expectation foe what we're supposed to accomplish as the super hero mommas we are in a day us over the top, I am willing t let some things go. Letting go of cooking some of the meals myself is one of them. Samantha's meals are amazing- so tasty! They are filling and healthy and set up based on our families needs; and the best are of all, I don't have to shop, prep, cook or do a million dishes everyday. You know what that means? I have those moments back for actually "being with" my kids instead of the usual "doing for". we are now able to have scheduled nighttime baths, talking about how the day went and sharing stories while eating together and reading at night. I have time to stop and look and engage in conversation instead of saying "not now", "just a minute". This service is cost effective and makes things so much more manageable. Highly recommend Samantha."- Julie W.

"I started using the meal delivery from Naked Nutrition when I was having a rough go with my new baby who wasn't the easiest. I couldn't find the time to make healthy, home cooked meals - but Samantha rescued me! The meals were delicious, completely customized to the food that I like to eat and kept my health goals in mind. The packaging/labelling/delivery was all exceptional. Samantha is lovely to work with and truly cares about her clients health and well-being."- Jen O.

I started using the meal service from naked nutrition when my newborn was about a month old. With my two other young children at home and extended family coming and going I was struggling to get dinner on the table and was feeling very overwhelmed. I didn’t want a meal prep service where I’d still have to read a recipe and put all the ingredients together, I just wanted to be able to heat up already made nutritious food. Enter Samantha at naked nutrition. She was amazing. She was able to take all of our dietary restrictions and food allergies and come up with delicious freezer friendly meals for us, and then deliver them right to our door in simple reusable packaging! Not having to think about what I was going to make for dinner or when I was going to find the time to do it took SO much pressure off. It gave me time back to spend with my children and honestly made me a better mother. I would highly recommend Samantha and naked nutrition to anyone and am so grateful for the service she provides.- Aimee R.

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